Annie Fitzgerald Coaching


"The synergy of your sessions and your diligent dedication to bringing out the writer in me has helped me beyond measure, as if by magic." 

"I’ve known many professionals in the coaching field, and Annie Fitzgerald possesses the range of qualities that make the very best stand out: she’s bright, tenacious, bold, intuitive, authentic, spirited, grounded, challenging and playful. A coaching relationship with Anne is one of alchemy; each conversation leaves me enriched beyond whatever I initially expect is possible, and as a result each week I’m emboldened to create alchemy moving forward. Her coaching impact is both subtle and stunning, and my life—both personal and professional--has been transformed as a result." 

~ Rebecca Perry,


"I hired Anne for 6 months, seeking help setting up a business.  I’d been stalled on the idea for years, and this seemed like a way to get from A to B in a simple straight line.  Within two weeks of coaching with Anne, I had a viable plan to set up my business.  Within three weeks, it was clear that there was a bigger picture, a bigger universe, a bigger game in play.  Coaching with Anne is going from A to Z, and the line weaves in an out of every aspect of your life.  Your entire life.  Your desires, your fears, your motivations, your relationships, your escapes, your joy, your filters, your perceptions, your reality and your dreams.

Coaching with Anne is equal parts inspiring, frustrating, freeing, exhausting, and challenging.    This is real work that you will do for yourself.  It is not for the passive viewer, but for people that want to really live.  Working with Anne, I found an inner source of energy, gained clarity about myself and the world around me, and discovered a path not from A to B, but from Dreams to Reality.  And I started a business."

 ~ Lyle Harris,  NW Ecodesign LLC


The synergy of your sessions and your diligent dedication to bringing out the writer in me has helped me beyond measure, as if by magic.  I know I can move forward in a new way and with many new tools and perspectives

~ Nina


The first word I think of when I think of Anne’s work is integrity. It became apparent very quickly that I could trust Anne and her coaching skills, and that she could handle whatever I threw at her. I believe trust is fundamental to change, and Anne demonstrated her integrity by a) demonstrating high quality, compassionate listening skills and b) holding a mirror to my thoughts and thought structures—basically telling me like it is—with deftness, wisdom, and heart.

Anne’s repertoire of coaching tools and techniques is phenomenal. You will learn that there are prizes (and booby prizes) for the way you have been doing things. You will gain expansiveness and life skills. You will see your world with fresh eyes, and as they say in ontological coaching, declare and fulfill into a new way of being..

I fully endorse Annie Fitzgerald as a coach. Doing life coaching with Anne has been transformative in nuanced, important, and lasting ways. I remain grateful for her contributions to my well being, and highly recommend her services.

~ Molly Anderson


Anne helped to crack my heart wide open to uncover all these beautiful parts of me that hadn't made much of an appearance since shortly after my birth. Anne showed me I have the courage to listen to my heart and go after my dreams. She showed me that certain ways I was "being" were actually limiting my potential...I had way more to give to life than I gave myself credit for. Anne acknowledged me for talents and gifts I had for which I had almost never been acknowleged. She ushered me from "smallness" into "bigness". And for that I am forever grateful.

Since working with Anne my life has dramatically changed in many positive ways. I quit my environmental consulting job and left my two master's degrees behind to pursue one of my dreams - to own my own company. I am living my "dream life" in love with my two beautiful children and amazing husband, staying involved with my childrens' schools, and running a business with two powerful women. Anne showed me this life IS possible...and here I am living it.

~ Jeannie Cziesla, Environmental Consultant/Entrepeneurer



 With Annie’s support and coaching I have created a blossoming life. She partnered with me to create great awareness around my needs and desires related to relationships, work and well being. Annie has an amazing ability to reflect and challenge beliefs, strategies that don’t serve and encourages practicing new ways of thinking, being and action. She does all of this while creating a safe and trusting space, with a sprinkle of wit and humor and with lots of heart. Annie is an amazing coach and I am so grateful for her gifts.

~ Katerina DeMetz