Annie Fitzgerald Coaching


"The synergy of your sessions and your diligent dedication to bringing out the writer in me has helped me beyond measure, as if by magic." 


What kind of outcomes can I expect from working with Annie?

 The results of our work are not just financial and material, they are also emotional, physiological, and spiritual. Coaching gets to the heart of the matter.


You can expect the following outcomes by fully participating in coaching: 

  • More fulfilling and satisfying relationships
  •  Increased  effectiveness
  •  Improved communication
  •  Increased overall health and well being
  •  Achievement of professional and personal goals
  •  Improved efficiency
  •  Greater sense of joy and fulfillment
  •  Self acceptance
  •  Clarity
  •  Happiness

You will learn to observe yourself constructively and re-invent your approach. You will be better positioned to deal with the inevitable uncertainties of life. You will see new possibilities that previously seemed unavailable. Your relationships will be enhanced. You will expand how you participate and engage in the world. 

Coaching Services

Annie Fitzgerald specializes in coaching people to expand their capabilities and facility in the following areas:

  • Leadership development
  • Creating Coaching Cultures in organizations
  • Relationships dynamics at home and at work
  • Effect and meaningful communication
  • Having greater happiness
  • Living with illness