Annie Fitzgerald Coaching


"The synergy of your sessions and your diligent dedication to bringing out the writer in me has helped me beyond measure, as if by magic." 


Here’s a brief personal summary about me:

I’m a mother. I have been for over 16 years and it’s my most favorite thing in the world. When I experienced love as a mom I understood what commitment really was.

I’m a coach. I came to coaching because I needed to be coached. I had two small kids who never slept and my husband had been diagnosed with terminal cancer a couple of years before. I was S.T.U.C.K, filled with anxiety, and exhausted. Coaching has moved me forward and shifted my perception of life from one of struggle to one of gratitude and joy. As a coach I’m challenged, humored, and awed by my clients. I am in constant pursuit of development for myself as coach and leader and am eternally grateful for my training and my mentors.

I’m a cancer survivor. No kidding. Both my husband and I. Cancer gifted me with community, love, joy, and appreciation. The amazing thing to me is that I don’t always remember the abundance I have. I still have to search for those things and be coached about them, but cancer taught me that they are always there, within reach. Remembering what I went through with cancer reminds me that I have courage even when I don’t feel like I do.


A little more of the mundane:

I’m a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching and served as a leader, trainer and coach in their Coaches Training Programs.  I was their Operations Manager for a few years and served on their Executive team.  I am eternally grateful for the years I spent with them and can not sing their praises highly enough.  I am a credentialed coach through the International Coach Federation.  I have my Professional Coach Credential and look forward to being a Master Certified Coach.  The credentialing process was a profound learning experience for me and one I enjoy mentoring others on.  I'm also a Certified Mentor Coach and a Board Certified Coach through the Center of Credentialing and Education.

I’ve done my fair share of non-profit work and I have a bachelor’s degree.  I’ve traveled to over 40 countries (but sadly, still don’t speak a second language). I’ve just recently begun traveling again now that my kids can carry a backpack. I love reading. I love sun and summer. I’m a Crossfit and Yoga junkie. I used to be a runner, and still hold the fantasy that someday my knees will carry me through another marathon. I live in Seattle, Washington, with my husband (who is still going strong despite his diagnosis), two kids, two dogs, two cats, and several fish. Did I mention that I love animals?

Annie Fitzgerald, PCC, BCC, CMC