Annie Fitzgerald Coaching


"The synergy of your sessions and your diligent dedication to bringing out the writer in me has helped me beyond measure, as if by magic." 

Developing Leaders

  Building strong relationships

    Supporting people through difficult times

In my coaching practice as in my life, I work to realize the full potential of a person, looking at all aspects of the self. I uncover my clients’ natural strengths and motivators to produce shifts that are satisfying, measurable, and life changing.  Greater joy and greater accomplishment are possible.

You will release barriers to your success, identify and realize new possibilities.

My practice rests on the following:

  • Responsibility   
  • Integrity    
  • Well being 
  • Straight communication    
  • Compassion    

I am well-trained in using dozens of powerful tools that, among other things, help you to uncover your gifts and get past outdated patterns. 

The results are positive and measurable. Your effectiveness and power will increase. You will experience more happiness in life. You will have more fun. You will change.